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By Gordon Gill

Issues when going for a walk

Warning: This blog contains guilty admissions from an honest dog

trainer. Careful management with maximum exposure far outweigh

the so called 'benefit' of keeping your puppy locked up...... more

So although I see group classes as fundamentally important for a

whole host of reasons, I also see private tuition, particularly in the

early teaching phase fundamentally advantageous for a specific

selection of obedience clients....

It's time to forget about labels, time to break free and strip

everything back to bare bones. The reality is, it's pretty simple;


For the beginner, trainer or handler alike the dog training industry is

a big wide world full of confusion and apprehension....

15th March 2016

By Gordon Gill

21st June 2016

By Gordon Gill

1 Aug 2016

By Gordon Gill

20th Aug 2016 more more more

Blog Posts



This blog post is not really a normal post. It's actually a collection

of quotes which impart much wisdom and at times prompt further

insight by way of critical analysis and debate. Enjoy

By Gordon Gill

15th Sep 2016 more

Forget About Labels



Dog Industry



Gordon Gill

Dog Behaviour Specialist

Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer





Dog Industry


Words of Wisdom






Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog

by John Paul Scott (Editor), John L. Fuller

Dogs: A New Understanding

of Canine Origin, Behavior  

and Evolution

by Lorna Coppinger and

Raymond Coppinger

Excel-Erated Learning:

Explaining in Plain English

How Dogs Learn and How  

Best to Teach Them

by Pamela J. Reid

Annual Leave


Group Obedience Classes

Chinook will be 12 soon ❤️ ....It's almost #beertime #dogtraining #dogtrainingmelbourne #melbournedogs #samoyed #samoyedsmile

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The idea that a formula one driver could be hurtling around the

race track at a break-neck speed in an absolutely terrified

emotional state seems preposterous to consider, right?

By Gordon Gill

12th Aug 2017 more