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All dogs are a product of their genetics and environment. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of purchasing

the wrong dog for their lifestyle & current skill set. Then they spend the next 10-15 years treating problems instead of

preventing them. The purpose here is to match the right puppy with the right well prepared and informed handler. To

prevent problems and ensure a happy little 'bullett proof' dog.

"Experiences the dog receives during the critical periods of development have a much more profound effect than any

other time. A dog that has had the right experiences early is far more prepared for everything in life."  - Dr. J.P Scott

Pre Puppy Purchase and Development

Teaching our dogs to be active participants in their own care. This is empowering your animal to have control over it's

environment. It's responsible canine guardianship and it's vitally important. Basic Obedience is the foundation to a

happy life; it starts immediately and it never ends. These private tuitions are at a time and location that suits you.

"Understanding your dog and knowing how to control him, develop his potentials, and resolve behaviour problems,

emotional conflict and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect." - Michael W. Fox

Basic Obedience

Problem behaviour can vary, some issues require fairly simple solutions, whilst others; more complex. Behavioural

modification is Gordon's passion. Nothing is more satisfying than helping dogs and owners overcome problems, the only

thing that's better is preventing them in the first place! The competent trainer must not only have a thorough

understanding of all of the tools at their disposal, but they must have a thorough understanding of the factors which

affect canine learning, knowing when and how to adjust their methods and the environment to accomodate the best

potential for learning.

"Where distance is being used to control the strength of the stimuli it is a good idea to start at twice the minimum

distance, that way there is absolutely no chance that the dog will show the slightest fear or aggression." - Dr. Robert


Problem Behaviour



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1 hour session = $160

2 hour session = $230

3 sessions of 1 hour = $395

5 sessions of 1 hour = $595

All payments are payable at the time of the initial consultation

All consultations are at a location that suits you.

Hours of operation are flexible.

Further travel charges may apply for outside of the greater Melbourne area.

See Terms and Conditions for further information.

All prices include G.S.T.






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