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We have all your needs covered. From pre purchase to problem behaviours and basic obedience. White collar training provides private tuition using the latest scientifically supported dog training techniques.


Proud Graduate of the National Dog Trainers Federation


"Experiences the dog receives during the critical

periods of development have a much more

profound effect than any other time. A dog that

has had the right experiences early is far more

prepared for everything in life."  

                                                      -Dr. J.P Scott

Dogs need to be active participants in their own

care. They need empowering, to learn to

control their own environment. It's responsible

canine guardianship, and it's vitally important.

Problem Behaviour

Nothing is more satisfying than helping dogs

and their owners overcome behavioural

problems. The only thing that's better is

preventing them in the first place.

Basic Obedience

Pre Puppy Purchase & Development



- She will grow out of it.

- Playing tug will make my dog aggressive.

- Rub your dogs nose in "it" so he

  won't toilet in the house.

- You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

- My dog is just a dumb breed and can't be taught.


White is purity, honesty and a calm, clinical simplicity. White is all the colours of the

spectrum; equality and balance. It's complete, neutral, impartial, fair and open to new

beginnings; a blank canvas. These are the attributes of White Collar Dog Training and

Behaviour. White also remains reflective of it's environment, a trait which it shares with

our canine companions.

What's in a name?

Pure scientifically supported approach

As a dog trainer and a student of science White Collar Dog Training and Behaviour is always

critical, always questioning and never satisfied. The investigation process never ends.

"Truth in science can be defined as the working hypothesis best suited to open the way to

the next better one."

                                                                                                                   -  Konrad Lorenz

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and your dog

between you

Building clearer


Motivation is the heart and soul of dog training.

Finding what motivates any given dog and the optimum level to use, is the secret to achieving high levels of training.


- She is just stubborn.

- My dog is urinating on my bed because

  she is jealous & mad.

- Big dogs need a big yard.

- Every dog's behavioural problems can be 'fixed.'

- Using food treats is the only way to train.


and your dog

between you

Building clearer