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Teaching our dogs to be active participants in their own care. This is empowering your animal to have control over it's environment, something all

organisms seek. It's responsible canine guardianship and it's vitally important for a happy life. Obedience is your dogs foundation learning, it starts

immediately and it never ends. If you hit the ground running with basic obedience you'll not only prevent problems but you'll learn how to effectively

empower and communicate with your dog.

So what is basic obedience then?

     * Proper use of equipment.

     * Engagement, Focus and the teaching methods at our disposal.

     * Stand, Sit and Drop.

     * Name Recognition & Recall.

     * Loose Lead Social Walking.

     * Socialisation (people and other animals).

     * Habituation (objects, environments).

     * Food refusal and food acceptance.

What else then?

     * Understanding how dogs learn and how we should be communicating with them effectively.

     * Understanding motivation and engagement - how to get the best focus from our dogs.

     * How to use 'work' and 'release' modes. There is no 'STAY' in modern dog training.

     * Heel exercise, plus the general and overall refining of our training criteria.

     * Tricks, Complex Skills and Agility.

     * Scent/nose work.

     * Increasing distractions and "proofing" exercises more effectively.

Where does it end?

Where it ends is entirely up to you, it can leave the scope of my services all together and end up in competition obedience, agility, tracking, trials etc...

For some, just responsible canine companion guardianship is enough - and that's fine by me as that's my specialty! The point is when you know how

to effectively communicate with your dog, there does not have to be an end point if you don't want one. In fact, the higher you lift your training

criteria, expecting more from your dog, the less 'grey area' your dog will have to deal with and the happier you both will be.

White Collar Dog Training and Behaviour is a Melbourne based private tuition service, specialising in 'at home' dog training, all the way from pre purchase

consultation, early development, behavioural modification and general obedience training. Although White Collar is a private tuition service I also use public

spaces and I strongly encourage and refer individuals to attend group sessions at particular stages in their development and for a variety of reasons. My network

of professional 'group' training organisations means that when required group class formats can be accommodated as part of the obedience development or

behavioural modification process. I also advocates and incorporate the teaching of tricks and agility as part of a well rounded and holistic approach to canine


"Understanding your dog and knowing how to control him, develop his potentials, and resolve behaviour problems, emotional conflict and frustrations

are no less essential than love and respect." - Michael W. Fox

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience



Basic obedience is the key to a happy dog and a happy you...