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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

All dogs are a product of their genetics and environment. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of purchasing the wrong dog, whether due to their

lifestyle and/or current skill set. Others simply aren't prepared for the challenges which may come their way and consequently spend the next 10-15 years

treating problems instead of having prevented them. Although genetics do influence a dogs potential, it is us, the owners that have the opportunity to "create"

the type of dog we want. Unfortunately so many get this completely wrong. White Collar Dog Training and Behaviour is here to match the right puppy with

what will become the right well prepared and informed handler.

Have you heard about the critical developmental periods in puppies? Hopefully your reputable breeder has already put in a lot of work up to this point (8

weeks old), but now the responsibility lies with you and you've got the next 8 weeks to set that dog up for life! This doesn't mean that at 16 weeks your job

is done, and it doesn't mean that your dog can't acquire new learning after 16 weeks. All is not lost after the end of the critical period of socialisation but I

can guarantee you this, the critical periods are like the foundations of a building. You get these right and the structure will stand the test of time allowing

you to build on the character. Get it wrong, and you'll be doing patch-up jobs for the rest of the dogs life.

White Collar Dog Training and Behaviour will help you with the "moulding" process. To understand the subtleties which are required to get this right. To set

your dog up to avoid the pitfalls and make the process as easy and enjoyable as it can be. Like most things in life, a carefull balance is required,

understanding of your dogs natural instincts, how your dog goes about obtaining rewards, how it learns and how you can manage the environment to

ensure the best outcome for your purpose. For example, we want to ensure that during the critical period of socialisation we expose the dog to as many

varied environments, dogs and people as possible, right? We want to make sure these are all great positive experiences right? Of course this is true,

however we have to remember that during this period we are developing our own bond with our puppy. We want to create ENGAGEMENT with us, and

more importantly, we want a dog who finds US to be the best, rewarding and most surprising thing ever!

What's going to happen if your dog is instinctively rewarded by everything else in it's environment whilst receiving the 'same old-same old' from you? How do

you think this will influence your obedience training? Perhaps we all need a reminder at times that 'socialisation' and 'habituation' is more about ensuring that

the experiences are not 'bad' whilst remembering they should not all be necessarily 'rewarding' either. In the end, all dog training is about planning and

executing for the type of dog you want to create. Many of the subtleties may not be as paramount for general day to day companion/pet dogs, but still, getting

them right can make the whole process so much easier. White Collar Dog Training and Behaviour looks forward to helping you "create" the type of dog that

you want.

"Experiences the dog receives during the critical periods of development have a much more profound effect than any other time. A dog

that has had the right experiences early is far more prepared for everything in life." - Dr. J.P Scott,

All tuitions are conducted at a time and location that suits you.

Pre Puppy Purchase

Pre puppy Purchase

Pre Puppy Purchase